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011: Youth 青年 - Clarendon 2010, Jamaican Rum, 11 years, 67.2%


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"Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

青年 (Youth)

An artist and graphic designer, Fiona Koh, uses text, images, and objects to explore the ambiguities of language. As part of the series Qing Yi Se (青一色), the artwork examines the multiplicity of meanings characterised by the word 青 (qing - translated as green). Presented in the form of flashcards that aid the study of a new language, the text, and its translation presented mean everything but the colour green.

@HampdenPirate's Notes: A young & youthful rum distillate, paired with a green-coloured artwork; where the colour Green, in the Jamaican national flag, represents agriculture and hope. This Jamaican rum has been tropically aged for 8 years, after which, it was transported in its original cask and, further aged for another 3.5 years of continental aging in Europe.

Clarendon Distillery is one of the major distilleries in Jamaica; it has a sister product,  Monymusk Rum. Some say... the distillate is often used in... Captain Morgan's Rum..? 🤔🏴‍☠

A young rum cask, paired with an artwork that utilizes the colour Green, and as a reflection of its young & youthful spirit. The green in the Jamaican national flag represents agriculture and hope. Something very befitting for this specific cask.

This Jamaican rum has been aged in the tropics for 8 years, after which, it was transported in its original cask and further aged for another 3.5 years in continental aging (Europe).

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Fresh, vibrant, not the usual striking heat one has come to expect with the Clarendons. In comes the classic banana ice cream and cake notes we love the Jamaican rums so much for. Light fusel oil and rancio to complete the house style. It gets sweeter with notes of caramel, almonds, dried dark fruits and black plums. Great oak structure that holds its own, pacing the aromas well, ending with more menthol, fresh rubber tyres and tar.

Taste: The red fruits makes a first impression – again very fresh and vibrant; even some yellow kiwis with cream. More camphor and menthol as is expected from a Clarendon – reminiscent of tea-smoked duck. This is complemented by notes of licorice, fusel oil and clarified butter or butterscotch and wax. The texture is oily and buttery with the oak notes well integrated.

Finish: Long finish, this goes on for ages. Waves of Jamaican funk or as they say hogo. Sweetness, oiliness, salinity – the works! Salty mung bean pastries and raw cacao interspersed.