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012: Sunset Boulevard - Secret Orkney 2007, Oloroso Quarter Cask, 15 Years, 65.8%


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"I remember you, remember me...
(the memories of that summer I spent, will never return)" 

Remember Me – Step (1982)

Sunset Boulevard

Through a VHS player, we enter the hyper-colored, funky universe of Ardhira Putra, a Singapore-based Indonesian artist who’s been turning his nostalgia into eye-popping works of art. He populates his illustrations and animations with characters, ad tags, and pop visuals inspired by the 1980s and 90s—all with a backdrop of swaying palm trees. This city pop style acts as a throwback to his beloved boyhood and the heydays of laissez-faire capitalism in Asia.

Ardhira Anugrah Putra  was born in Jakarta Indonesia in 1988. he graduated with an Animation major from Multimedia University in Malaysia.  He is an Indonesian Film Festival Best Animation award-winning for his work “Surat untuk Jakarta” in 2016. For the past years, Ardhira has created visuals  for a global music scene, including Barefood (Jakarta) Macross 82-99 (Mexico), Nice guys record (France), DJ Didilong (Taiwan), Engelwood (US), Yungbae (US), MDSGGN  from Stonesthrow record (US), Niagara Triangle - Eiichi Ohtaki, Masamichi Sugi, Motoharu Sano (JPN)

Ardhira’s significant works are Crystal Dolphin MV for Engelwood. Engelwood Crystal Dolphin itself has become one of the most viral sounds on TikTok, reaching over 300 million streams worldwide, and going viral on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok 3 times over. The Crystal Dolphin MV is featured in some international creative website articles such as CreativeBoom (UK), Motionographer (US), Creative Review (UK), and KIBLIND (France). 


This Secret Orkney Distillate comes from a distillery parked in the highland regions of the Orkney Islands. This distillate was first filled in a bourbon barrel, before finishing the distillate in a Fernando de Castilla Oloroso QuarterCask.

This cask was reracked from a Bourbon cask into an Oloroso Quarter cask, on 6th October 2020, where it was further maturated for another 19 months.

The @HampdenPirate has always been a big fan of Japanese CityPop, and with this artist collaboration, We hope to bring back the good memories of the past.

Slàinte Mhath! (Pronounced Slanj-a-va, meaning: "Cheers to Good Health")

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Freshly poured pinot noir red wine, cherries, pomegranates, chocolates with light touches of burnt ends – all very fresh, vibrant and aromatic, with a slight zing. Deeper notes of cut hay, caramelized maltose, toasted barley and grist, with a more herbaceous vegetal note of freshly cut grass. Woody acidity adds a contrast.

Taste: Roasted almonds, marzipan, peanut shells – heavier bodied with mildy numbing sensation of Szechuan peppers. As the pepperiness fades, sweet Sherry and cream takes over with an oilier, richer profile. More fruits emerge with ume plums, peach skins and chestnuts wok-fried and pureed. Wait – it gets even deeper, with affogato and wood char, or some might even call it wok-hey.

Finish: Medium length, more wood char, receding notes of roasted chestnuts (炒栗子/군밤) and oak.



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