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013: Begin Again - Ledaig 2005 Foursquare Rum Cask Finish, 16 Years, 58.7%


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"Sometimes painful endings bring the best new beginnings."
- Shae Ross


Buried in graphic novels and tales of otherworldly horror, Kristal Melson aka @KrisOnAutopilot focuses on both individual and universal experiences through intricate drawings. Taking cues from contemporary pop culture and mystics, her work explores the female perspective of nature in electrifying colour.

The multi-hyphenate Kristal Melson is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, creative director and curator. The 38-year-old (2022) has succeeded in gaining respect as an artist, in landing great gigs with a range of clients from global brands to small start-ups, and has been in a position to enable other artists, helping to build their careers.

Melson lead WeWork’s Asia Pacific Art & Graphic department creating and curating artwork across the region, and prior to that was a regional curator for Facebook’s artist in residency programme after being granted 2 residencies in Hong Kong & Singapore. Her previous role as a creative director at Facebook saw her leading several campaigns such as ’She Means Business’ globally.

As an illustrator, Melson has worked with numerous brands, including Nike, Google, Netflix , Adidas, Vogue and Marc Jacobs . Most recently launching a capsule collection with Vans in 2022. She has shown work in galleries nationwide and in International cities including Hong Kong, New York, London, Tokyo and Melbourne, while live-painting In Tokyo for Tiger Beer.

This Hogshead barrel was reracked into a Barbados Rum barrel (Foursquare Distillery) on 10-Nov-2021. It was finished in this rum barrel, for another 8 months. This also marks, the final bottling of Malt, Grain & Cane's 2nd Year (2022) bottles.

@HampdenPirate  🏴‍☠️ 's Commentary:

This bottling's artwork was specifically chosen for many reasons. 

1) Begin Again: a reBirth, a reNewal. As we close out our 2nd Year, with the Curated Range, We have to begin again once more.. the selection and bottling of new casks for Year 3.


2) When we first sampled the Ledaig, we found the taste bit too sharp and overwhelming.. We decided that it had to be reRacked into a rum barrel to round off the taste and make it a bit more palatable for the general public. We had a Barbados Foursquare 2007 Rum barrel lying around, and we took up the opportunity to do a Rum Cask-finish! Hence, the  reBirth & reNewal of the spirit, in a Foursquare Rum barrel.

Commentary & Tasting Notes from 88Bamboo

This whisky is a unique take on the Ledaig, having been finished in a rum cask from Barbados gem, Foursquare, a definite first and only by Singaporean independent bottler Malt, Grain & Cane. It displays absolutely great balance and harmony between cask and whisky, melding together aromatic gentle sweet smoke with a fruitier creamy body. Expect red fruits and a thoroughly enjoyable warming sensation that leads to a superbly long finish.

Color: Sunflower Oil

Aroma: Gentle soothing wafts of charcoal smoke, highly aromatic, giving off waves of wood and ash. This evolves into a more bright, punchy fruitiness - red fruits of cherries, pomegranates, cranberries, and red grapes, with light touches of dried orange slices. There are lingering notes of chestnut and cream, providing a creamier, earthy note. A harmonious blending of the gently smoky whisky with its fruit-laden rum cask.

Taste: Approachable and smooth, it starts out sweet with a touch of strawberry cream candy with a buttery texture. The sweetness evolves into a slightly more citrusy grapefruit that adds a touch of acidity. The sweet smoke on the nose makes a reappearance, gentle and aromatic. The body is smooth, creamy and shows great balance.

Finish: The deep aromatic smoke takes front and center with notes of Japanese sandalwood and dried pinewood. The smooth and warm sensation leads to a long soothing finish.


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