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017: Fettercairn 2006, 54.7%, 16YO, Barbados Rum Cask Finish


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Title: Red-Crowned Crane, Tsurui, Hokkaido (2023)
Photographer: Russel Wong

Fettercairn 2006, 54.7%, 16 Years Old, Barbados Rum Cask Finish


Barbados Rum Cask Finish, Cask #107722R
One of 198 bottles

ABV - 54.7%, 70cL

Russel Wong is one of the most prolific fashion and
portrait photographers in Singapore and Asia. Russel
enjoys the acclaim of being the first Singaporean to
break into the notoriously difficult Hollywood movie
and the recording industry.

As a continuation of his exploration of Japanese culture
& landscapes, in this KyoMurasaki series, Russel
showcases a curated selection of beautiful, yet, fleeting
moments, across Japan.

This whisky was aged in a bourbon cask, transferred to a fresh Barbados Foursquare 2006 Rum cask on 30 January 2023, and bottled after 6 months of further maturation.

This marks the final release of Malt, Grain & Cane's Year 3 bottlings.

The bottle comes with a commemorative lucky charm inspired by the Japanese omamori

A Japan-Singapore-Indonesia Creative Alliance (J.S.I.C.A) bottling

Bar Parkmore (Osaka), Rum&Whisky Kyoto - Famous Rum bars in Japan
& Rudder Ltd (Japanese importing Company)

D.Bespoke (Japanese Cocktail Bar in Bukit Pasoh, Singapore)
Malt, Grain & Cane (Singapore based Independent bottler)
88Bamboo (Spirits-focused Social Media Company)
Swan Song Bar ( Whisky Bar in Boat Quay, Singapore)

Miles Whisky Bar ( Jakarta, Indonesia )

Tasting Notes by

Colour: Yellow gold.

Nose: Sweet, elegant and with a pleasantly stony quality. Honey and brown sugar syrup lead the way, with a bright sweetness of apple juice. Unfolds into caramel and slightly savoury butterscotch with a biscuity undertone. Baking spices make their presence felt with a gentle prick on the nose. There’re also some mineral nuances, mild chalkiness and a subtle influence of salted peanut butter, then some trace of ash.

Palate: Opens with a herbaceous start reminiscent of virgin olive oil, the spirit’s texture oily and viscous. Lashings of honey, maple syrup, pear cider and caramelised banana unfold as time passes. This combination of herbal and honeyed character is reminiscent of cool Chinese herbal jelly with honey (guilinggao or ‘龟苓膏). There’s also a presence of minerality intertwined with a growing pepperiness.

Finish: Clean and long. An initial brightness of grapefruit and sweet citrus notes give way to a lingering sweetness of Mentos mint candy. Light oakiness and darker flavours emerge toward the end with cocoa powder, along with the subtle savoury aftertaste of roasted peanuts.

88Bamboo's Thoughts

Rating: 🍯🌿

This Fettercairn is something else. It’s unapologetically flavourful and sweet, but still quite layered. You’re hit with this wonderful mix of rich and honeyed sweetness, contrasted with more austere, mineral and briny notes. The Barbados rum cask enhances the inherent sweetness present in the Fettercairn spirit, but the rum influence doesn’t steal the show - you can just about pick up on the fresh banana note, just adding a hint of the exotic.

I love a sweet-tasting Scotch, and this is right up my alley.