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018: Irish 2002, 53.1 %, 21 YO, Port Cask


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Title: Calligraphy Beast - Rising (2023)
Artist: Airi Hara 愛梨 原

Irish 2002, 51.3%, 21 YO, Port Cask


ABV - 53.1 %, 70cL

美(び / Bi),is often used to refer to art itself, or the fine arts. This is also Malt, Grain & Cane's ongoing series of collaborations with esteemed Japanese artists. 

Calligraphy artist, Airi Hara, is a young Japanese creator, famous for her unique works of graphic art composing of Japanese Calligraphy characters. She aims to enhance the appeal and value of Calligraphy as "Creative Art" , ", through her activities, all across the world.

Her works express various "souls" through letters, as if these words have a shape, and speak to us. Her goals are to make the first steps, towards a world where calligraphy is popular amongst people.

This barrel has been fully aged in a Port Wine Cask; and has spent most of its maturation time in Ireland.

Artwork Explanation:

Airi's works often incorporate hidden words / characters in her artwork. Within the dragon's body, contains the following text: 

「世の人は我を何とも言わば言え 我なす事は我のみぞ知る」
Whatever people may say about me, I know what I'm doing.

Ryoma Sakamoto, (坂本龍馬 or 坂本竜馬, 3 January 1836 – 10 December 1867) was a Japanese samurai, a shishi and influential figure of the Bakumatsu, and establishment of the Empire of Japan in the late Edo period.

This bottle comes with a free UV torch, for you to unveil the secret message within the artwork!

Tasting Notes by 88Bamboo

Colour: Gold with Copper Flecks

Aroma: Really candied richness, loads of maltose candy, honey, as well as some confectionary candies of bubblegum and cotton candy, but only if they were coated with maple syrup - surprisingly it's only moderately sweet, and is really more candied in texture. More on stewed plums and prunes. It's got great density and fullness, and in particular a very satisfying depth. It brightens up with time, giving in to more along those confectionary candies. 

Taste: A good moderate punchiness to make a presence. More of those honey, maltose candy, and then candied fruits of peaches, apricots and yellow raisins. It's tinned fruit syrup meets honey and tanghulu (a popular Chinese treat of fruits coated in maltose). At times it's reminiscent of medium-bodied Cognac - this very lovely sort of candied body, lots of richness, with light bits of clove spices.

Finish: Takes a more savoury turn here. There is of course the raisins and cooked plums and prunes too. But some good dabs of teriyaki sauce. It's got a nice creaminess into the finish with a long and deep warmth.

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