Act 2 - Ophelia / Staoisha 2013; Youth 青年 / Clarendon 2010; Sunset Boulevard / Secret Orkney 2007 - MaltGrainCane.Club NFT


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By making this purchase, you will be purchasing a bundle of items (Limited to ONLY 50 sets), which includes:

010: Ophelia - Staoisha 2013, 8 Years, 56.9%together with a Malt, Grain & Cane drinking glass


011: Youth 青年 - Clarendon 2010, Jamaican Rum, 11 years, 67.2%,

together with a limited edition physical print, inspired by the original label, created by Whisky and Foxtrot, an art and design studio helmed by Warren Khong  👨‍🎨 & Fiona Koh 👩‍🎨  (the design studio behind the MGC's Curated Range / Year 2 labels)  


012: Sunset Boulevard - Secret Orkney 2007, Oloroso Quarter Cask, 15 Years, 65.8%,

together with a limited commemorative NFT* issued by Ardhira Putra 👨‍🎨, the artist behind Sunset Boulevard's label artwork.

* - Ardhira Putra's NFT will be handled by the artist, himself on OpenSea.

The registered ETH wallet address with MaltGrainCane.Club will be handed over to the Artist for whitelist. Customers will be able to mint their NFT on the OpenSea platform using the private sale function @  0 (ZERO) ETH.

Digital Goods

3 (three) unique NFTs (commemorative non-fungible tokens), on the ETH network. Gas Fees and all other related fees related to the minting process will be borne by the receiver. 

The customer will need to provide their wallet address, and We will whitelist the wallet address, for the customer to perform direct minting @ 0 (ZERO) ETH.

The customer will be solely responsible for their minting gas fees. They will have the flexibility to complete the purchase when Gwei (Gas fees) are low. 

Please ensure you have the correct email address registered when making the purchase. 

We will provide a short Google Form that needs to be filled up; We will need your name, email, and Wallet address.

Minting will be on our NFT minting platform: https://www.MaltGrainCane.Club

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If there are any questions/issues, please email to

If you're looking for Act 1 of our NFT program, please click here.

Terms & Conditions: 

1) By making this purchase, the Customer agrees to an 8-Day waiting period after the date of delivery of the physical portion of this bundle, before being allowed to mint the NFT. The Company will *only* whitelist your wallet address after 8 days.

This is in alignment, to ensure our Company's 7-day return policy has expired before the Customer can claim the NFT.

2) Client will have the flexibility to mint the Token, at their own pace. We recommend minting it as soon as possible.  Tokens will be visible at our Opensea's Collection Page, Redirected Link:

3) Limited to ONE (1) bottle per person. The Company reserves all rights to cancel & refund orders if duplicate orders are found. Costs associated with the Refund process will be under the Client's Responsibility.

4) The Company reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein at any time and without prior notice.